Christmas wrapping

I have been doing the Christmas wrapping today and I wonder,  what did we all do before the invention of the pop-up tape dispenser?  The world wants to know.

Anyway I have written here before about how my Inner Martha tends to take over when I am wrapping the presents and fill me with thoughts of inadequacy.  Usually this means that I don’t really enjoy wrapping the presents very much.

This year, however, was different.  This year I told my Inner Martha to shut the hell up and leave me alone.  I decided to embrace my lack of gift-wrapping skills.  Since the pressure was off the whole process was a lot more fun.

Of course part of that could have been that I had an actual color scheme this year.  Last year’s color scheme was “I need to use up all this stupid paper I bought like five years ago that I am so sick of it makes me want to cry”.

I bought this really cute blue and white and red snowman paper last year at Target (half price after Christmas).  I loved it when I bought it, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I still love it nearly a year later.  I also found some really cute shiny curly ribbon that looks so great against the paper I can hardly stand it.  Trust me, it’s really really cute.  And the best part is, I might actually use all of it up, and then I can have new paper next year.  Yay.

Tomorrow I will finish the non-Santa wrapping and commence on wrapping for the Fat Man.  I feel like I have to do an especially good job with that this year, but that is story for another day.  Probably tomorrow.


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