It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The children and I made cookies today.  My original plan was to make them myself while the pesky ones were at school.  However, I made the mistake of mentioning this plan to the C-man and he said he wanted to help.  I knew, of course, that this meant The Princess would want to help too, and therefore I would have all the help I could stand.

We made spritz cookies, the kind you make with a cookie press.  I love them.  They are sooo good.  They should be, there are three sticks of butter in that recipe.  The other great thing about this recipe is it makes a ton of cookies.  I’m sure we have enough now for all of us to eat ourselves silly and still have enough to hand out to teachers, the mailman and assorted other people.  Excellent.

When the children help me make something I have to be sure to let each of them do an equal number of things.  So if a recipe calls for a cup of sugar I have to measure out two half-cups of sugar so it’s “fair”.  Both of my children are excellent at keeping score, so absolute parity is essential.

Other than that we had a lovely time.  We listened to Christmas music on my Ipod, we stirred, we measured, we stirred some more.  I did the actual cookie pressing, but I let them pick out what shapes we would make, or try to make.  Some of those are tricky.  And of course I let them do the decorating.  These cookies are so covered with colored sugars and various other sprinkles that it is difficult to see the cookies underneath them.  Wow are they delicious.


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