I need a barn coat

Today was riding day.  It did not start well.  We were happily on our way to the stables when —whee—black ice!  It caught me completely by surprise.  We got some light flurries today but I was not expecting black ice for crying out loud.  Happily nothing bad happened.  But the anti-lock brakes kicked in and I hate those.  I know they are safer, and I would certainly never want to drive a car that didn’t have them but they always scare me half to pieces.  I hate them.

So we make it to the stables in one piece, and Princess O and I go out to the pasture to catch Kirby and bring him in to tack him up.  And this brings me to the point of the title of this post.

Kirby is a very good horse.  But he is kind of like a big friendly dog.  A big slobbery dog.  This is the second week in a row that I have returned from the stable with a coat covered in Kirby spit.  Disgusting.

So I need something that I can either put over my coat to absorb the slime, or a dedicated barn coat.  Because I am tired of washing my coat every Thursday night.  And I am just not wearing a coat that Kirby has slobbered on.


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