Oh Christmas Tree

Three of the five trees are up now.  Yes, I said five.  It’s really not as much as you think.

There’s the big tree in the living room, small trees in each of the kids rooms, a silver tree in the dining room (that one is my favorite) and another silver tree upstairs in the hallway.  See, that doesn’t seem so unreasonable now does it?

We put the kid trees up on Sunday, and the big tree up today.  I unwrap the ornaments and the kids put them on the tree.  I love decorating the tree, but unwrapping the ornaments always makes me kind of nervous.

First, there is always some attrition from year to year, and it’s kind of sad to see what has not survived the summer.  I don’t know how they break sitting quietly in their storage boxes but they do.

Of course my biggest worry is discovering the corpses of big icky spiders in the ornament boxes, or worse, live big icky spiders crawling around in the ornament boxes.  Yuck.  It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

The good new is we were spider free this year.  The bad news is Piglet’s ears have broken off, and are nowhere to be found.  How does that happen?

We put deaf Piglet on the tree anyway.  He doesn’t seem to mind.  Once I get all the trees up I will take some pictures.


One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. I totally understand five trees. We two adults manage four (granted, one is about 18″ tall and “everlasting”): outside front entry tree, big tree in living room, upstairs landing tree, small tree on entry-to-living-area raised open area (perhaps Tom the architect can tell me what this is called?)

    ’tis the season – yesssss! Only two cookie kids here – both in their sixtys!
    (Oh, and we have a one-eared elephant – just hard of hearing, not deaf, which works in our household!)

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