Fighting boredom with body art

We were talking about tattoos at dinner tonight.  We seem to do this a lot and I don’t know why, we don’t have any tattoos.  This time we drifted into the tattoo conversation when Princess O announced that her friend M had come to school this week with newly pierced ears.  And that she got her ears pierced at Claire’s because she has a normal mom.

I countered that getting your ears pierced at the tattoo parlor is way cooler and besides at least I had some confidence that they knew what they were doing over there.

So once we were talking about the tattoo parlor it was only a matter of time before we started talking about tattoos.  The children have come up with a lot of ideas for Tom.  They think he should take advantage of all the bare skin on the top of his head and embellish it.  So far the front-runners are baseball stitches or a zipper.

Once we had discussed what Tom could tattoo on his head for a while The C-man started coming up with ideas for his own body art (once he turns 18 because I’m not signing that permission slip).  He suggested getting this tattooed on your arm.

I am (adjective) because I’m (adjective).

“It’s like a Mad-Lib” he said.  “That way you would never be bored.”

I think he just might be on to something.


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