NaNo Update

As you can see the month is almost over.  I might not die.  And I have over 40,000 words so I might actually do this thing.  Wow.  Just wow.

Now I have a couple of problems.   The first one is I’m afraid I am going to run out of story before I hit 50,000 words.  Then what do I do?

The second is I am having a hard time finding something to read.  I don’t want to read anything in the genre I am writing because I don’t want it to influence what I’m writing.  And I have a book in the genre I am working on sitting on my desk calling to me in an inviting fashion.  It’s such a tease.

Of course now I also want to re-read On Writing by Stephen King and Bird by Bird by Anne LaMott.  But I’m afraid if I read any writing books right now it will interfere with my groove, if that’s what you want to call it.  They will have to wait until December.  That’s probably a good thing because December Is For Editing.  Although in my case I suspect any editing will have to wait until January.

I probably shouldn’t be talking about this like I’ve already finished it.  Disaster could still strike between now and next Monday.


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