New Moon

So I went ot see New Moon this morning.  I went with my friend A to the 11:30 show.  We figured that still gave us an hour after the movie got out to do whatever else we needed to do before the kids got home from school.  A is my movie buddy.  She goes with me to all the movies I really want to see but feel like I shouldn’t.  We have seen the last three Harry Potter movies together and now this one.  It’s good to have a partner in crime.

So here is how my day at the cinema went.

When I finished at the gym it was only 10 o’clock, still way too crazy early to go to the cinema, this was too bad, because the cinema is just across from the gym.  I should have planned that better.  So I came home and dropped off my gym stuff, checked my email and got back in the car.

There were a handful of people milling around waiting for the ticket office to open, but not hundreds or anything like that.  I’m sure it was a different story at the midnight shows.  The crowd looked like it was made up primarily of college age girls, a few other Twilight moms like A and myself, a couple of guys (that surprised me – they didn’t even have dates with them) and two middle school age girls.  I am assuming those girls did not cut class and catch a bus to the twelveplex from the middle school.  I am assuming their moms called them in sick at school and took them to the movie. In other words, their moms are infinitely cooler than me.  If you would like verification on that point ask The Princess.

I am not going to try to review the movie for a couple of different reasons.  First of all, I’m bad at that kind of thing, and second; I could never top this one.  So I will just say you get what you paid for.  If you are a Twilight fan you will like it.  I did.  OF course, if you are a Twilight fan it won’t matter what I say about the movie, or what anybody else says for that matter, you are going to see it anyway.

In some ways this movie was better.  The pacing was better, and the styling was better.  The supernatural fight scene was still pretty corny, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s possible there is no good way to stage a vampire fight without it looking stupid.  And Robert Pattinson doesn’t look quite so much like a meth addict, although the red lipstick still comes and goes from scene to scene.  Perhaps the continuity editor should pay more attention to that.  Sometimes his lips are very red, sometimes not.  It’s distracting.  I should note here that I am in no way suggesting Robert Pattinson is a meth addict, just that in the last movie he kind of had that mangy junkie look going on.

I am very conflicted about my Twilight fandom.  This article describes it pretty well.

The books are truly ridiculous.  The writing is terrible and overblown.  Stephanie Meyer does love her adjectives.  The books are awful, and as I was reading them I kept saying to myself, this is ridiculous, this is So Bad.  Why am I still reading this?  I said these things to  myself as I turned page after page.  In short, I find them strangely compelling.  Like when you see a car wreck at the side of the road, you just cannot turn away.  Twilight is a lot like that.  You know you should stop, but you can’t.  I would feel bad about saying that, but I don’t think Stephanie Meyer cares.  Stephanie Meyer is laughing all the way to the bank.  With my money.

Eclipse comes out June 30.  Mark your calendars.


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