A shopping conundrum


I was engaging in a little retail therapy this morning at Target.  We needed super exciting things like dish soap and shampoo.  While I was there I also checked out some of the Christmas stuff, but they don’t have all of it out yet, so it was kind of unsatisfying.

I think I found a new fake Christmas tree, but I’m not sure.  Maybe I will hog-tie Tom and drag him over there to look at it.  He should enjoy that.   I know he won’t care, but sometimes you just need somebody else’s opinion.  Even if that opinion is “whatever you want, dear”.  (And by the way, that is always the right answer).

But I digress.  That is not the conundrum.  The conundrum is this:

You may or may not know that Target now gives you a 5-cent credit for every reusable bag you use on your shopping excursion.  I think this is very cool.  The problem is, the people at the check out NEVER remember to give it to me.  And I never notice until after the transaction is complete.

So I never know what to do.  Should I get back in line and point out that they forgot to give me my credit?  It’s just a nickel, and complaining seems kind of pedantic and churlish.  Especially when one considers the fact that they will have to hold up the line to bring it to the cashier’s attention.

But on the other hand, if people don’t point out that they have forgotten the credit, they will never ever remember to do it.  They need to be reminded.

What to do?  What to do?


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