Hooray for Hollywood

The princess has a friend, who shall henceforth be known as B.  B likes to make movies in his spare time.  He invites his friends over and they make a movie.  The Princess was invited to one of these movie parties last spring and they made a 4-minute movie based on one of those role-playing murder mystery games.

On Saturday his family had a film festival to premier that movie and three others.  B had made one of those others, the other two were by his friend and neighbor.

We were invited to the premier, and so off we went.

This family really knows how to throw a party.  There was a red carpet.  There was swanky Hollywood music playing as you walked up the red carpet to the front door.  There was champagne; there were tables with movie themed table decorations.  There were snacks.  There was a whole crock-pot full of Little Smokies in barbeque sauce.  I love Little Smokies in barbeque sauce.

After everyone arrived, and had some champagne (or sparkling cider for the under 21 set) and Little Smokies they played the movies.  And they were all so good!  I was very proud of our Princess.  After the movies there were awards!  Everybody got one.  The Princess won the award for Best Rising Star.  And here it is:



I would like to thank the Academy


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