F1 comes to the middle of nowhere

It’s a Formula 1 day mom. Sorry.

Big doings in the Big City today.  I got word yesterday via one of my F1 Forum friends that there would be a Ferrari Formula 1 car at one of the Chevy dealers in the Big City.  Sweet.  I made my plans, listened to Tom make fun of me, and went to bed.

Then this morning, potential disaster:  Princess O arrived in my room looking all pitiful and announced that she had been up since 2am.  Of course my first thought was, “dammit, she has to go to school today, I’m going out”.  So I gave her a big pep talk and fed her chocolate milk and sent her on her way.  Feel free to put that on my application for mother of the year.

Once I got the C-man to school I came home, “borrowed” Princess O’s T-shirt, fired up the Songs for Driving Fast playlist on my Ipod and hit the road.

I was really looking forward to meeting some other F1 fans in the neighborhood, or at least in the state.  But I was the only one there.  The only one!   It was just me and the car and the car’s babysitter.  There weren’t even ropes around the car, just a sign saying don’t touch.  Amazing.  I have never been that close to one of these cars before.  It was so cool.

The sign said it was from 2001 but it didn’t look like it to me.  But then again, what do I know?  And besides, it’s just a show chassis anyway it could have bits and pieces on it from a variety of years.  Since I had the thing pretty much to myself I look a lot of pictures.  Here they are:

I also played the F1 simulator game they had there, and wow I am really bad at that.

I spent a lovely 30 minutes or so ogling the car from every angle, and then I came home, carefully folded the Royal T-shirt and put it away.  She’ll never even know.


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