A costume conundrum

I ordered myself a new costume for the Halloween party this year.  It arrived yesterday.  And I am not sure I am happy with it.

I have wanted a good Wicked Witch of the West costume for a long, long time.  A really long time.  Just ask my sister.  I love that dress.  For a while I threatened to have one made for my wedding, but cooler heads prevailed.  However, the Deluxe Officially Licensed Wicked Witch Costume, in my humble opinion, does not look like her dress.  So I refuse to spend $100 on it.  I know, how unreasonable of me.


The Witch in all her beautiful wickedness

Photo from this site.

So, I ordered this one instead, which I thought was pretty close to the Deluxe Officially licensed costume, but was much less expensive.

Not quite the Wicked Witch but not bad

Not quite the Wicked Witch but not bad

Photo from this site.

The problem is, it is kind of tight, and I don’t feel fabulous and wicked when I put it on.  I feel frumpy and a little bit fat.  That is sooo not what I was going for.  I am trying to decide if I can make it work, or if I should just be dead-but-pretty again this year.  I love my dead-but-pretty costume.  And it makes me look really really skinny.  But I have been dead-but-pretty for something like three years in a row and it’s time for a change.

Of course, other questions remain if I keep the witch costume.  Questions like what to do about my hair and makeup.  I am not painting my face green.  Margaret Hamilton had professional makeup artists to paint her face, and touch it up between takes to keep her looking fabulous.  I will not have that luxury.  And then of course there is my hair.

As you can tell from the picture over there on the right, my hair is very blonde.  Every October I wish it were black instead.  I found some black hair gel at the store.  I could get that and give myself black streaks, but I’m afraid it will stain my hair and won’t wash out.  And then I will just look ridiculous.

What to do?  What to do?  Maybe I should just stick with dead-but-pretty.


Just because I like it.


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