An orthodonture update

Guess who only has to wear his retainer at night now?

Guess who has been chewing gum nonstop since we got back from the orthodontist?

Guess who can finally have hot lunch at school since he won’t have to figure out where to put his retainer case without his handy lunchbox?

The C-man, that’s who!

Yes, it’s true after only two months of near constant retainer wearing the C-man has been given the all clear to stop wearing it during the day.  I think that has to be some kind of record.

I swear the C-man is an orthodontist’s dream patient.  He wore that thing all the time.  I am so proud of him.

He’s so funny.  In the car on the way home he told me he might still wear it for an hour or two during the day on weekends “so I can have some quality time with my retainer”.  What the-?


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