I finally had time to put my Ferrari Lego’s together.  They are so awesome.

They were, however, a pain in the neck to put together.  They came with lots of stickers, and many many pieces.

stickers, lots and lots of stickers

stickers, lots and lots of stickers

(Sorry, that picture is kind of blurry.)

I understand now why the C-man is often enraged by his Lego sets.  I also understand why he sometimes makes his Lego purchasing decisions based on how many stickers there are likely to be in the box.  Stickers are very very fiddly.  There is nothing fun about stickers.

But, in the end I think they turned out pretty good.


Here is the studio shot from the Lego website, since my photo kind of sucks.


The set came with a little Lego Kimi Raikkonen


And a little Lego Felipe Massa


Regular subscribers will remember that the real, non-Lego Massa was hurt at the Hungarian Grand Prix in July and has not been racing while he recovers from a bruised brain.  The C-man suggested perhaps I should put a bandage on Lego Massa until the real one recovers.  I don’t think that will be necessary.

Next year I am hoping they come out with a new Ferrari set.  And I hope this one has a little Lego Fernando Alonso.  I need one.


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