Odds and Ends

I know I just did this yesterday.  You’ll survive.


It is supposed to snow here this weekend.  Can I just tell you how irritated I am by this development?  Oh, I know it is only snow showers, not really snow, and it won’t stick but still, it is only October 8.  This is ridiculous.


The C-man got a math test back today.  He told me he didn’t think he had done very well on it.  He got 102%.  This kid…he said he thinks anything less than perfect is not very good.  He is going to worry himself into an ulcer if he keeps this up.  Or perhaps he will worry himself right into MIT.


I still have not had time to put my Lego Ferrari’s together.  Maybe tomorrow.


The Princess is dealing with a crisis.  Her riding coach is leaving.  And just in case that wasn’t traumatic enough, the coach she recommended is at a different stable.  So that means potentially losing not only her coach but also the lesson horses she loves so much.

We are trying to work out a system where she can work with that coach a couple times a month, and a coach at her current stable a couple times a month.  This is a recipe for disaster.  I wonder how many times I will accidentally take her to the wrong lesson.


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