Food that can kill you – the return

Well, I said I was thinking of retiring this segment because I couldn’t imagine anything topping deep fried butter.

I was wrong.  I was deliciously, deliciously wrong.

In all seriousness, I honestly think if you ate this you might keel over dead before you could finish it.

This is the Big Fat Ugly


Photo from here

It hails from the Fat Sandwich Company.  They have a location conveniently located in Champaign, IL, a mere 7 hours away.  Can you say road trip?

Here is a list of everything they pile onto this sandwich:

  1. 2 rolls
  2. 4 cheeseburgers
  3. double cheesesteak
  4. chicken cheesesteak
  5. gyro meat
  6. grilled chicken
  7. bacon
  8. sausage
  9. mozzarella sticks
  10. chicken fingers
  11. chicken nuggets
  12. mac N cheese bites
  13. fried mushrooms
  14. jalapeno poppers
  15. pizza bites
  16. onion rings
  17. hash browns
  18. mini corn dogs
  19. American cheese
  20. mayo
  21. ketchup poppers


Good God Almighty.  I don’t even know what ketchup poppers are.  But I bet the C-man would love them.  He considers ketchup one of the four  major food groups.

Their menu is very entertaining.  I highly recommend it.

You can get mini corn dogs as a side dish.  And they have a bacon cheeseburger on a glazed donut.  I so have to go to this place.


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