The Singapore Grand Prix Report

Well, that went about as well as I could have possibly expected.  I am so happy.  Alonso came in third!  That was his first podium finish of the season.  Of course I was happier last year when he won, but it turns out that wasn’t so much a race as it was an episode of professional wrestling on wheels.

The Singapore Grand Prix is run on a street circuit and it is also Formula One’s only night race.  In principal I don’t think this is a good idea, and I maintain that if Bernie Ecclestone is really so concerned with what time the races air in the European markets, he should hold the races in the European markets.  Consider that a helpful hint to Bernie from me.  You’re welcome.

However, now that I have said my piece I have to admit I love this race.  The track and the city in the background are beautiful, and the cars look gorgeous under the lights.  So far there don’t seem to be any real safety issues, although if it ever rains during the race there I predict all hell will break loose.

Lewis Hamilton started on pole in his shiny silver McLaren (definitely one of the prettiest cars under the lights).  Sebastien Vettel started second in his Red Bull and Nico Rosberg in the Williams started third.  Mark Webber in the second Red Bull and Fernando Alonso in his Renault rounded out the top five.

Hamilton got an early lead and never gave it up.  He won easily.  Vettel was having a really good race until he got busted speeding in the pit lane and had to do a drive through penalty.  Then he had to nurse the car along in the waning laps because of brake problems.  Those problems put his teammate Mark Webber into the wall and caused Torro Ross (the Red Bull B team) to retire both their cars before the race ended.

Nico Rosberg’s race took a hit after he got hit with a drive through penalty for crossing the white line in the pit exit lane.  This is a big no-no.

In the end it was Hamilton first, Timo Glock of Toyota second (where did that come from?) and Alonso third.  After the race Fernando dedicated the podium to Flavio Briatore, the former team principal and one of the guilty parties in Crashgate.

A lot of people are questioning whether or not Alonso should have said anything.  I interpreted it as a thank you to the man who brought him along in Formula 1, and who played a big part in his two world titles.  I think it’s a mistake to read any more into it.  But here’s what he said.  You can judge for yourself:

But finally this podium in this particular moment after what happened from Monza to here with the team. It has been a difficult time for the team. Now we put that behind us and we concentrate on the remaining races. I dedicate this podium to Flavio (Briatore) at home as he is part of the success we had today.


d09sin1415Alonso was looking a little mangy this weekend, but in a good way.

The Japanese Grand Prix is the next one on the calendar, and it’s next weekend!  I love back-to-back races.

Of course you know better than to take anything I say seriously.  Go find yourself a real F1 news site for crying out loud.


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