Has anybody else noticed this:

132656-yahoo_logo_thumbAbove is the logo for Yahoo! the very large and famous internet search engine.

Below is the Brigham Young University football helmet:

helmet-frontDoes anybody else think those Y’s look the same?  Just wondering…


3 thoughts on “Looky-Likey

  1. Hey former neighbor,

    I did my undergraduate work at BYU and so I thought I could help with your question. The logos are eerily similar but just for your reading pleasure I tracked down the history of BYU football uniforms. (I grew up in Ohio and went to OSU for grad school so that is where my true football loyalty lies).

    1950-1954 — Solid white helmet with a single blue stripe running down the center.
    1955-1960 — White helmet replaced with a plain, silver helmet.
    1961-1963 — Blue player numbers are added to the silver helmet.
    1964-1965 – Silver helmet is replaced with solid blue helmet.
    1966-1968 — A blue “Y”, surrounded by a white oval is placed on the helmet
    1969 — Traditional white helmet with blue and white decals is used for the next 30 years.
    1970 — “Cage loops”, a Floyd Johnson invention, are added to the helmet.
    1978 — The oval was dropped and a solid blue “Y” was used on the helmet.
    1978 — Little blue stickers (Cougar heads) are used by players to designated top plays.
    1979 — After losing four games in 1978, blue oval with white “Y” returned to the helmet.
    1993 — Black is added as a third color on the helmet.
    1994 — Players vote to discontinue the use of the cougar-head stickers.
    1998 — Two black stripes, separated by a blue stripe is added to the crown of the helmet.
    1999 — (August 16) BYU unveils its new logo and colors, complete with new football uniforms and helmets. A darker shade of blue and white become the official colors of the University, with tan serving as the primary accent color. The re-birth of the blue helmet in 1999 is the first time BYU has worn a different color, other than white, for over 30 years. The new logo on the side of the helmet, similar to the traditional side decal, is the first new design used on a BYU helmet since 1978. The new uniforms represent a new and flashy look, never before used on the collegiate playing field. The new-look uniforms and helmets represent the first major uniform change under the LaVell Edwards era.

    So to make a short answer super long….

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