A construction update

Look we have grass now.



After about two weeks of living in mud we finally have grass.  The turf guys came yesterday and put down all this sod.  It looks nice, don’t you think?

Of course now I have to baby-sit it.  You have to water sod so this is what I do.  I have no idea how much you are supposed to water sod, and the landscape guys did not leave any instructions.  I looked online and the general consensus seems to be “water it a lot”.  So I am watering like a madwoman moving the sprinkler from place to place to place across the lawn.

Constantly turning the faucet off and on has grown tiresome, so I have become an expert at moving the sprinkler while it is still sprinkling.  You can probably predict the results of this process.  So I spend a lot of time changing my clothes.  Somehow I find this less annoying than turning off the hose.  Go figure.

I shudder to think what our water bill will be like next month.

Meanwhile, I have been assured that we will indeed have a garage door.  Someday.


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