Hey look, I finished my socks.  Yay me.


This is the yarn I dyed myself earlier this year.  I am quite pleased with how they turned out.  They are pretty wacky, but I like them.

I did these from the toe up, so I don’t know how long they will last.  I seem to have better luck getting socks to last when I knit them from the top down.  But, I like knitting from the toe up because you don’t have to knit a gauge swatch.  It’s true.  You just cast on for the toe and keep increasing until it fits.  Awesome.

Now apparently I have to knit some bandages for Princess O’s stuffed animal veterinary practice.  Then, it’s time to suck it up and cast on 700+ stitches for the wrap I want to make.  Just the thought of it makes me want to lie down.


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