The Royal Ear-Piercing

Today was a big day for Princess O, a day she has been waiting for since she was five years old.  Today, she got her ears pierced.

As I mentioned, she first asked to get her ears pierced when she was five, and I told her she had to wait until she was in middle school.  I said this for the same reason I said it when she asked about a cell phone.  I picked middle school out of the air in random fashion because it seemed impossible to me that she would ever BE in middle school.  She was just a baby.

Anyway, today was the big day.  We were going to do it yesterday, but the tattoo parlor was closed yesterday for Labor Day.

Yes, I said tattoo parlor.  I know most normal moms take their children to a jewelry store to do this, but quite frankly, I didn’t want to trust my baby’s earlobes to a high school girl wielding a piercing gun at the mall.  A friend of a friend had her daughter’s ears pierced at this tattoo parlor and said they did a great job.  And at least at the tattoo parlor you have some confidence that the person doing the piercing has done this a zillion times, in places much -ahem- more interesting than just an 11-year old’s earlobes.

So off we went.  My friend and her daughter met us there, with the intention of making a party out of it, but C changed her mind and decided to just lend moral support instead.  The guy did a great job.  He had clearly pierced kid ears before and he was very reassuring and talked her through the whole thing.  They used a needle, not a gun and then he put the earrings in for her.  They use hoops instead of studs.  The guy said hoops are better because they are easier to clean, and it’s easy to spin them around so the scar tissue forms properly

While all this was going on the C-Man was busy inspecting all the sample tattoo artwork. He has some big plans for his 18th birthday.  He took their card.

Mom, seriously, you're taking me to a tattoo parlor?

Mom, seriously, you're taking me to a tattoo parlor?

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Pierced ears!

Pierced ears!


4 thoughts on “The Royal Ear-Piercing

  1. What happened to the little baby girl who is my Grandchild? When did she suddenly become all grown up…almost overnight? P.S. The earrings really look good on her!

  2. I don’t know what happened to that baby girl. She keeps growing even though I tell her to stop it. Horrid disobedient child. 😉

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