Da Cubs

Da Cubs are not doing well.  They are not doing well at all.  As of this writing they are 10 games back of the Saint Louis Cardinals in the NL Central, and six games back in the Wild Card race.  There are four teams ahead of them for the Wild Card slot:  The Rockies, the Giants, the Braves and the Marlins.  And there are only 30 games left in the regular season (I counted).

So, we need to start winning, and winning a lot.  Of course another problem is we don’t have any more scheduled games against the other four teams ahead of us in the Wild Card race.  We do have three more games against Saint Louis, but it is too late to think about catching them.  Our only shot really is the wild card, and there is precious little we can do about it.  All we can do is try to win ballgames and hope the other teams all fall apart (unlikely).

Of course, even if the Cubs have some kind of miraculous comeback and do clinch the Wild Card berth things still don’t look good.

Here is our record against the other teams likely to be in the playoffs:

Phillies:  1 win – 5 losses

Cardinals:  5 wins – 8 losses

Dodgers – 3 wins – 4 losses

If the season ended tomorrow (and we were the wild card) we would have to play the Phillies.  Yippee skippee.  So you can see that would not go well. As I said, we still have three games left against St. Louis, so that record could still get worse.  And if I am not mistaken two of those three wins came while Manny Ramerez was serving a suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs.

We have not been mathematically eliminated yet, but we have our work cut out for us.


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