BTS Night at the Middle School – insert scary music here

Last night was a big night.  It was our first chance to get a look at the Royal Teachers and see what goes on over at the new-fangled Middle School.  Yep, it was Back To School night.  The night when parents sit in little chairs and teacher tell them what to expect this year.

But this year the chairs were normal size!  Because sixth graders are big.  So yay.

We learned that they have to read three books each trimester and write a little book report on an index card.  We learned that they do experiments on Fridays in science, and that later this year the children will get to dissect a cow’s eye and a sheep’s brain.  Delicious.

We learned that there is some new math curriculum this year and the teacher seems to be figuring it out right along with the students.

We also learned that her teachers all seem pretty cool, and that the principal is actually kind of funny.

All in all, I think we will survive this year.  I didn’t even get weepy once.  And the building is very nice.  It should be, they spent enough money on it.


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