Bump set spike

We are all going to the volleyball game tonight.  Tom has been taking The Princess to volleyball games since we moved here.  She was two.  He did it so she would see that girls didn’t just have to be cheerleaders, and because the games are often on Saturday afternoons.  It was a good opportunity to get her out of the house so I could get her brother to take a nap for crying out loud.

When the C-Man got a little older and started attending the games too Princess O told him what to expect.  She said, “Now I will explain the rules.  You hit the ball and it goes all over the place.”  She was four at the time.

Anyway, I believe it is the home opener tonight so we will go.  This is very exciting because we met the whole team not too long ago.

We were at dinner one night and the whole volleyball team walked in and sat down.  I found out later they had been hand delivering season tickets.  We nudged The Princess and said she should ask for their autographs.  I pulled a Sharpie marker out of my purse (you should never leave the house without a Sharpie marker), we asked for a take-out menu and then sent The Princess on her way.  She refused to go alone so I went with her.

She walked up to them and said in her tiniest voice, “Excuse me, can I have your autographs?”  The girls on the team were so nice.  They passed the menu around and everyone signed it, and they asked her lots of questions.  They seemed quite pleased to be recognized, even though they were all wearing Team Volleyball T-shirts.  The whole experience has made Her Royal Highness quite keen to get to a match.

It will be a good evening, and we can have Walking Tacos for dinner.


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