More food that can kill you

I have been fooling around on the Internet looking at hotels in Las Vegas.  Tom and I are toying with the idea of a trip out there in November.  I am also looking at holiday flats in Montreal for next summer but that’s another story.

Anyway, I can’t book anything until Tom finds out if he has to go to China when we were planning on being in Vegas.  And I can’t book anything in Montreal for a variety of reasons.  One of them being waiting to hear when my brother is getting married, but I think I may have some inside information on that.  I am not telling though (oooh, intrigue).

But I digress.

While I was looking at hotels in Vegas, I found the website for the Sahara.  That is one of the old old-school hotels, so I gave it a look. It turns out they have a NASCAR themed café now.  And that café features this burrito:


I found the photo here

The Big Bad-Ass Burrito weighs six pounds.  It is either $19.95 or free (ask server for details).  I suspect it’s free if you eat the whole thing in a predetermined amount of time.  I have absolutely no idea what’s in it.  I would guess a little bit of everything, and obviously it has sour cream and guacamole on top.  Yum.

Have I mentioned how much I like Mexican food?


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