Odds and Ends

I was waiting outside the school today to pick up the C-man.  While I was waiting there I saw a little boy come out wearing a Fernando Alonso/Renault hat.  It was just like mine!  Except smaller of course because based on size I think this kid was a first grader.  So I said “hey, I like your hat.”  He said thanks but he was looking at me like I was from Mars.  I think I need to meet his parents.


The C-man had a field trip with Cub Scouts tonight.  We went out to the National Guard Center to see an Apache helicopter.  All the scouts got to sit in the helicopter and heard all about how you have to eat bugs in survival training.  And all Scouts got an MRE to take home as a lovely parting gift.  The C-man was mad because his is Jambalaya and he doesn’t like Jambalaya.  I told him I didn’t think it would matter and that he probably wouldn’t like it even if it was full of hot dogs and nachos.


Birds keep flying in our wide open garage door, and trying to fly out the window.  The window is closed.  Stupid birds.


And finally just because it’s funny:


From Laughing Squid

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