The European Grand Prix report

Well, that was a fine bit of strategic racing.  Rubens Barrichello, in the Brawn GP won his first Grand Prix since the Chinese Grand Prix in 2004.  That’s a long dry spell.  And he did it in typical Brawn fashion.  It was a chess match from the time the lights went out.

McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen locked out the front row, with Lewis on pole.  It was the first pole position of the year for McLaren but I didn’t really care much because I don’t like Lewis Hamilton.

Barrichello lined up third and managed to stay on Kovalainen’s tail as Hamilton pulled away in the lead.  He stayed so close in fact that he was able to leap from Kovy in the first set of pit stops, and was running second once all the cars came in.

The real turning point came during the second pit stop window. Hamilton had a pretty good lead, but he needed a picture perfect pit stop to come out ahead of Rubens and he didn’t get it.  That mistake ended up costing Hamilton his chance at the win and Barrichello brought it home.  He looked so happy.  How can you not love that story?

Meanwhile, I fear our Jens might be pissing away his chance at the WDC.  He had a terrible start yesterday dropping from fifth to ninth place.  He never did recover from that, and ended up finishing seventh, scoring just one point. After yesterday’s race the points standings look like this:

  1. Button – 72 pts
  2. Barrichello – 54 pts
  3. Webber – 51.5 pts
  4. Vettel – 47 pts

There are six races left so Button is definitely vulnerable.  Especially if he keeps racing the way he has been.  He has only scored 11 points in the last four races.  I would be worried if I were a Button fan.

Alonso started 8th on the grid and finished sixth.  I had been hoping for more, but I can’t complain too much.  Or at least I will try not to.

The next race is next weekend at Spa in Belgium.  I love back-to-back races.  And it makes a nice change after the ridiculously long four-week break between the Hungarian Grand Prix and this one.


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