Reality TV returns!

They’re ba-ack.  Project Runway has finally returned.  Different bat-time, different bat-channel, but the same show.  Huzzah!  And Tim Gunn is back!  There would be no point to doing the show without him.  My brother summed things up nicely.  So did the boys at Project Rungay.

I liked the winning dress very much.  So congratulations to Christopher Straub.  It’s easy to root for him so far.  Although I suspect his whole “I don’t have any formal training” schtick will get old after a while.

And I thought Ari Fish, the designer who went home, deserved to go home.  Although I thought Qristyl was a close second.  Her dress looked like something out of a home ec class in the ‘80s.  But that is, of course, just my humble opinion.

And yes, Mitchell is a complete jerk.  I didn’t even watch the Models of the Runway show and I managed to pick that up.  It’s really not fair to blame your model when your dress doesn’t fit her.  There’s no way she fudged her measurements that much.


Unbeknownst to me Dancing with the Stars announced their line up for season 9 earlier this week.  I have to say I am not impressed.  I see we have the mandatory former NFL star, Olympic athlete, and an assortment of people I’ve never really heard of.  Although I have to admit I cannot WAIT to see what the host of Iron Chef America can do on the dance floor.  Donny Osmond should be amusing too.

They also have something new this year, a former congressman who also happens to be under indictment.  Oh my.  Yes, your favorite (alleged) money launderer and mine, Tom DeLay will be putting on his dancing shoes.

I have to say; I’m not super excited about this season.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  We will have to wait for a while anyway, because it doesn’t premier until September 21.  I miss Gilles already.


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