The first day of school

Well, it’s official; I am now the mother of a middle schooler.  Sweet merciful heavens.

It was a big morning.  She was nervous.  I was nervous.  And in the middle of all this nervousness the C-man kept walking around saying “I don’t think I should wear my retainer today”.

However, we rose above the chaos and she got on the bus without any trouble.  I just hope she gets on the right bus coming home.  She doesn’t have her bus pass you see, because I lost it.  And her bus number is (was) on her bus pass.  Yes you heard that correctly.  I, her mother, the alleged responsible one, lost her bus pass.  We picked it up at orientation last week, and I put it in my purse for safekeeping, but apparently I didn’t keep it safe enough because it’s gone.  Stupid mommy.  So I called the bus company and they will send her another one, but I don’t know when.  In the meantime the claim they told the driver to let her on the bus.  We shall see if she makes it home.

I made her lunch and then I agonized over whether or not to put a note in it.  Would she like that or would that forever label her as the kid-whose-mom-puts-notes-in-her-lunch? I know she will find me mortifying sooner or later, but I would rather not go out of my way to humiliate her.

I can’t wait to hear how her day went.  I hope she will tell me.

Here are the traditional first day of school photos.  I had to take them at home this year.  Sigh.

olivia day 1

calvin day 1

So I have been thinking about The Princess all day.  Thinking about how she’s getting so grown-up.  Thinking that I can’t believe she’s in middle school already.  Thinking that I like her cell phone better than mine.  All of this was in my head while I was driving around in the car.  And then they played that John Mayer song on the radio.  This one:

There I was in the drive thru line at McDonalds (it was the first day of school – you expected something healthy?) getting all verklempt.  It was terrible.  Clearly I am going to be one of those weepy moms.  I don’t want to be one of those weepy moms. I shall have to try to pull myself together.


She is home.  I waited as long as I could to go pick up the C-man hoping the bus would come before I left, but no such luck.  Of course she had a great day and has pronounced Middle School “awesome”.  I cannot tell you how relieved I am.

And in other news the C-Man started fourth grade today at the good old elementary school.  He was ticked off last week when he found out he didn’t get the teacher he wanted, but has changed his tune today.  He says she is great and that he thinks she will be a good teacher for him.  Thank goodness.

He did not wear his retainer.  We will try that tomorrow.


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