One final adventure

I have sunburned the top of my head.

I was even wearing a hat most of the day.  But we were at Adventure Land so I had to keep taking it off.  Apparently I took it off more than I thought.

Yes, today I did something I had sworn I would try to never do.  I took The Children to Adventure Land.  They ask to go every summer.  And every summer I tell them no because I am mean mean mean.  But this year, my sister and her family were camping there, and they invited us to spend the day with them at the park.  So we did.

The first thing I learned today is that the best time to go to Adventure Land (apparently) is during the State Fair.  There were no lines for anything.  The longest we waited was 40 minutes and that was for the Raging Rapids in the middle of the day.

The second thing I learned is that I still really like roller coasters.  I probably haven’t been on a full size coaster since Tom and I got married.  That was a long time ago.  S and I hit the Tornado, an old school wooden affair and it was GREAT!  We would have done it several more times if it hadn’t been for The Pesky Children.  My brother-in-law was running herd while S and I pretended we were teenagers again so once was all we could manage.

The last thing I learned was something I already knew.  I really REALLY hate the skyglider.  I am afraid of heights and so sitting suspended above the park with my feet dangling over the abyss is not my idea of fun.  Normally I beg off the skyglider, but it was the quickest way to get to the water park.  Sigh.

The Children had a fabulous time.  The rode a bunch of rides I was surprised they would even try.  I think there was an element of peer pressure at work.  They couldn’t let themselves be showed up by their younger cousins.

Now we are home, slightly sunburned and tired.  I am settling in to watch the Cubs blow it again (no doubt) against the Padres.

Tomorrow is the last day of summer vacation. Thursday it’s back to the salt mines.


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