Sixteen years ago today

I got married.  Well, Tom did too.  To me.  So that was convenient.  I wonder who else has dropped out of the pool now.

We generally do not go in for big anniversary celebrations.  A card, some candy or flowers maybe and a nice dinner out.  For the past eight years we have been calling our weekend at the Formula 1 race our anniversary present to each other.  But this year there is no race in the USA or Canada.  And jetting off to one of the European venues was not an option.

Tomorrow we are going to a Tapas restaurant in the big city.  I was shocked, SHOCKED to learn that what passes for a big city around here has not just one but two tapas bars.  Amazing.  They do not take reservations, but since we won’t have The Pesky Children with us and my parents are babysitting, (their rates are very reasonable) that isn’t a problem.

Anyway, back to the anniversary presents.  We don’t normally get each other anything.  But this year I found a small package in the desk with my name on it.  Judging by the size and shape I thought it was a stack of the yummy fancy candy bars I like.  But no, it was not.  It was:

An IPod touch.  AN IPOD TOUCH!  I have the best husband in the world.  I haven’t even set it up yet.  I am just admiring it.  Besides, I need to get a case for it.  I think you can get one made of carbon fibre.  They make racecars out of carbon fibre, so it would be fast.   It’s important for your Ipod to be fast.

Now I need to go shopping for Apps.


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