Farewell Michigan

We are going home tomorrow.  The garage still isn’t done but we have to go home anyway.

I have to take The Princess to the Middle School orientation on Thursday.  Heaven help us all.  She has to get her school ID/bus pass and I get to do things like write checks for her lunch account and sign up for the booster club.  I think I also have to buy her a gym uniform.  It’s amazing how expensive a public education can be.  And I know I shouldn’t complain but I am going to anyway.

But I digress.  We have had a wonderful long weekend in Michigan.  We were actually supposed to go home yesterday, but we were having such a good time we decided to stay another day.  We have been swimming and tubing and riding around in the boats.

Yesterday dad took us tubing on Big Mable, giving grown women (me) the chance to squeal like a little girl.  My dad is evil when he is towing the tube and he was whipping us around all over the place.  He launched the C-Man and I way high in the air.  Mom said she couldn’t believe we didn’t fall off.  My arms are killing me today.

So, tomorrow it’s back into the car, back through the traffic gauntlet that is the Chicagoland Metropolitan Area, and then back to stupid street parking in front of my own house.


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