Odds and Ends

We have purchased all the school supplies for next year.  I bought myself a Trapper Keeper.  I am weak.  In my defense, Princess O had to get one this year (apparently you have to be very well organized in Middle School).  I have coveted the Trapper Keeper for several years now and I didn’t think it was fair if she had one and I didn’t.  Hers is green, mine is purple.  I’m not sure what I will do with my Trapper Keeper.  For the moment, I am just admiring it.


I just got an email from Ikea asking if I wanted them to send me the 2010 catalog.  Yes, Yes, YES!  I love the Ikea catalog.  I almost never buy anything, but I like to look at all the handy closet organizers I could buy if I were so inclined.


The children and I are returning to Michigan this weekend.  Yippee.


And finally, on a completely unrelated note, check out this cool picture of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.  The photographer, Ken Derry took it while working as a crane operator on the new Trump Tower.


The photo gallery is here.  I originally discovered this on my brother’s blog, which is here.


2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. I LOVED TRAPPER KEEPERS! Do they still make them with that plastic mesh material on the inside cover? I suppose they’ve probably upgraded now…but those were the best.

    • Sadly, they do not have the plastic mesh on the inside cover anymore. But they are still very awesome. Now I just need to get some accessories for it…

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