The Hungarian Grand Prix report

This was the worst race weekend I ever remember seeing.

First, Ferrari’s Felipe Massa had a terrible accident in the last moments of Q2 on Saturday.  He was hit in the head by a spring that had come off of Rubens Barichello’s Brawn GP car, and then straight-lined the car into the tire barrier.  He is still in a Budapest hospital with two skull fractures and bleeding in the brain.


It looks like he will be okay, but that accident really sucked all the happiness out of the whole weekend for me.

My man, Fernando Alonso, was on pole and it was all I could do to make myself watch the race.  I was scared to death somebody else would get hurt.  But we got home from Frankenmuth just in time for the start, so I did watch.

Alonso was starting on fumes and so he pitted on something like lap 13.  And his stupidhead mechanics didn’t get is right front wheel on properly.  He lost the wheel faring first, and then as he was making his way around the tire went flying.  He managed to bring the car into the pits for a new one, but retired the car about a lap later.  Sickening.  His best chance of the year wasted.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, Renault has been suspended from the next Grand Prix for knowingly sending a car onto the track in a dangerous condition.

Now I understand what the stewards are doing.  Massa just got hit in the head by flying debris, and last week Henry Surtees was killed in a Formula 2 race when he was hit in the had with a flying tire.

However, I don’t think what Renault did on Sunday was any worse than what Brawn did on Saturday Here is a quote from Rubens Barichello talking about the accident that put Massa in the hospital:

The car this morning had a lot of fuel and it felt quite good. This afternoon it felt a bit strange, vertically the car was moving a bit. And we suspected since the beginning of qualifying that it was starting to go. Eventually it went completely on that lap, because I had a lap of traffic which I had to abort and that lap, as soon as I braked for Turn 1, it was very, very bad. I still did an okay time through sector one, but when I went into Turn 3 I felt the rear collapse.

(Bold and italics added by me)


So Brawn knew, they knew something was wrong with that car and they sent it out anyway.  How is that not knowingly sending the car onto the track in a dangerous condition?  I know that accident is still under investigation and that Brawn may still be in trouble, but it seems to me that if Renault deserves a one-race ban so does Brawn.

Anyway, I am just so upset about it all.  I think I may need to take at least one race off.  We shall see.  The next race isn’t until August 23.  But if Renault isn’t racing, I can’t see the point of watching.  Of course, Renault are appealing the suspension, so there is a chance they could still be on the grid.

The thing is it’s not so much the whole Renault thing that has me upset.  I’m much more upset about Massa.  Racing is dangerous.  I know that, I have always known that.  The very first F1 race I ever saw was the race after Ayrton Senna was killed.  But this accident has me questioning myself.  How can I sit here in the comfort of my living room and watch something that I know could get somebody killed?  I don’t know how I find an acceptable answer to that question.

Oh, and Lewis Hamilton won in case anybody cares (I don’t).



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