Let’s go Cubbies!

I am watching the Cubs game.  I am time-shifting, but not because of the Pesky Children.  No, I am time-shifting to avoid commercials.  And also because I wanted to go out and get some McFood for dinner.  I’m on vacation which means I am not cooking.

The Cubs are having a rather lack-luster season.  Yet, miraculously we are still only two games out of first place in the National League Central.  So we are still hanging on.  If we put a good run together things could still fall our way, if all the stars and planets align correctly.

This makes me tired.  I would prefer to be w-a-a-y out in front, like the Dodgers or the Phillies.  I have to pay too much attention when it’s close like this and it wears me out.

In the past couple of years, I have noticed a subtle shift in the way I root for the Cubs.  I have always loved them to pieces, but something has changed.

We don’t live far from Des Moines, home of the Iowa Cubs, Chicago’s AAA team.  And now, a lot of guys I have watched in Iowa are in The Bigs.  Guys like Micah Hoffpauir, Jake Fox and my personal favorite Geovany Soto.  Now when I watch the game, I feel sort of proprietary about these guys. I don’t really know how to explain it.  It’s the same way I root for the C-Man’s little league game.  I want them to win, but I really want them all to play well and stay in Chicago, kind of like I’m their mom.  It’s weird.  It makes me feel old and I don’t especially like that.  And it didn’t help that when I was trying to explain this to Tom he pointed out that for some of these guys, I really could be their mom.  Nice.

So back to Soto.  He is struggling this season.  Right now he is on the Disabled List with a strained oblique.  That’s gotta hurt. It’s a shame because he was starting to swing the bat better right before he got hurt.  I blame the Rookie of the Year curse.

I remember seeing Soto play in Des Moines back in 2007 and bitching mightily to Tom that he was too good to be playing Triple-A ball.  Then he got called up to the big club and I was so excited and happy for him.  Then he made the post-season roster and played really well.  Once again, I was so excited, so happy and so pleased with my scouting abilities.

Last year when he got the starter’s job I was thrilled for him.  He’s killing me this year, but I know he’ll get it together once he gets healthy.

Any day now it will all come together.  All our players will get healthy, the Cubs will start hitting, and we will make a run at the Stinking Cardinals atop the NL Central.  I have faith in my boys.  (Spoken like a true Cubs fan).


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