Goodbye Sears Tower, hello Willis Tower

I am resisting making the obvious joke.

Today they renamed the Sears Tower in Chicago the Willis Tower.  This is, of course, an exercise in futility because everybody in Chicago will still call it the Sears Tower anyway.  Just like we all still call the Aon Center the Standard Oil Building, and US Cellular Field Comisky Park.

To celebrate the grand rechristening they have opened balconies on the skydeck.  Yep, you read that right; they put balconies on the skydeck.  That’s on the 103rd floor people.  This is not a sensible idea.

They are all closed in, as you would expect, since you don’t want people spitting out their gum from the 103rd floor.  But they have glass floors.  See:




It costs $14.95 plus tax for an adult (age 12 and over) to go to the skydeck.  I believe that includes the balconies, but I think sick bags might costs extra.  Frankly, you couldn’t pay me enough money to go out on that thing.  I’m sure it’s perfectly safe, but I am getting light-headed just looking at the photographs.


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