Home Run Derby 09

I was watching the Home Run Derby last night.  I like the home run derby.  The players all seem so relaxed, and they all have their kids running around.  It looks like fun.  Well, Albert Pujols didn’t look like he was having much fun, but the rest of them did.

During the festivities, Chris Berman made some comment about how the Commissioner’s office should have stepped in and put Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson on the All Star teams.  His reasoning was it’s possible both of them are playing their last year and it would have been nice for the fans to see them in one last All Star Game.

Well, I have to disagree.  First of all, it’s the fans that vote for the All-Stars, the starters anyway.  If the fans had wanted to see Junior Griffey or Johnson one more time, they would have said so on the ballots.  Duh.

Second, this isn’t an exhibition game anymore.  In 2003 Bud Selig changed all that by saying the winning All-Star team gets home field advantage in the World Series.  He did this because interest in the All Star game was waning, and he wanted to spice things up.  As a result, of course, now the teams are actually trying to win this thing.  Before you kind of got the impression that they didn’t really care much.

You can’t have it both ways.  If the teams are playing to win, it isn’t fair to have the Powers That Be say to teams, “you have to take this guy for sentimental reasons”.  Therefore, Chris Berman is wrong.

Just my humble opinion of course.


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