The applesauce showdown

As you may have surmised, I am in Michigan this week with my sister and her boys.  My sister and I consider this our vacation and so we let our parenting standards slip a bit.

While we are still pretty vigilant about things like safety we tend to let smaller things slide.  Things like how much television is too much, and whether or not Goldfish crackers and lemonade can be considered a nutritious breakfast.

Every once in a while, however the mother guilt kicks in and we decide The Children need to eat something organic.  You should probably consider it a testament to just how far our standards have slipped that we consider applesauce an organic substance in these situations.

So at lunchtime today we made everybody have some applesauce with their lunch, and told them they couldn’t have any potato chips until after their applesauce was gone (we are such good moms).

Well, my middle nephew O was not excited about this plan, and so he said he didn’t want any chips and could be please be excused even though he didn’t eat his applesauce.  My sister said yes, but you can’t have anything else to eat until after you eat this applesauce.

A couple of hours later after some hard swimming O said he was hungry, so my sister pulled out…the applesauce.  Ta da!  O was not pleased.  We then upped the ante by giving his brothers and his cousins giant Tootsie Rolls and told him he couldn’t have his until – you guessed it – the applesauce was gone.

He swore up and down that he had not been informed of this condition when he left the table at lunchtime.  He refused to eat it.  My sister stood firm.  In the end, she managed to up the ante even further by getting him to eat an actual apple that actually grew on an actual tree.  Amazing.

And then he ate the Tootsie Roll.


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