Grand Mere

So tired.  So sandy.  So happy.

Today we took the children to Grand Mere State Park.  This is the beach where we used to swim when we were kids.  It is also the home of Devil’s Back.  I have written about Devils Back before.

It’s a really nice sandy beach, with a lot of rocks right at the shoreline.  When we arrived one of my nephews said, “they should really get rid of all these rocks”.  My other favorite comment was “wow, it’s an ocean!”  I’m not sure who said that either.

The plan was to drive down, hang out on the beach, and then meet our old neighbor S at the beach so the C-man could have a sleepover with B, his best friend.  The whole thing was a surprise for B.  His mom and I were expecting a huge reaction.  Something like “Oh my gosh!  What are YOU doing here?” or something like that.  Instead when they walked down the beach B just looked at C-man and said, “Oh hey C-man.”  S and I were like “that’s it?”  It was kind of an anticlimax.

We took the kids to Devil’s Back too. Princess O ran down it three times.  She had to crawl up.  The grown-ups decided not to try it.  We are wimpy and the sand was hot.

So now the C-man is having a sleepover with his friend, and we are all sitting around exhausted and counting down the minutes until the children go to bed.

Shanghai tonight.  (I think)


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