Another season draws to a close

Well, so much for that then.

The Medics had their first tournament game tonight.  They lost.  This tournament is single elimination, so the Medics season has come to an end.

I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, I am disappointed and sad because the Princess is disappointed and sad.  They only lost by one run, and they played well.  It was a real heartbreaker.  And it would have been nice if Princess O had had one more chance to pitch this season, but that was probably a lot to ask for in the playoffs.

On the other hand, the thought of another picnic dinner at the old ballpark filled me with sadness and despair.  I am sick and tired of eating sandwiches with a side order of infield dirt.  So, a part of me is glad to be done.

Mix a little mother’s guilt into that cocktail (for being happy it’s over) and that sums up my feelings pretty well.

The good news is it will be April again before we know it, and then we can do it all again.

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