Odds and Ends

I was walking home from the library with the C-man this afternoon when he told me he wished he lived in the Star Wars galaxy.  When I asked him why he said, “Because I would already be a Jedi Knight in training.  You know, destroying the Sith and all.”  Then he paused for a moment and added, “of course I wouldn’t have Legos”.  I’m not sure if this is an argument for or against living in the Star Wars Galaxy.


Meanwhile, off on Planet O…The Princess informed us tonight that her letter from Hogwarts is just late, but she will be getting one any day.  I’m 99% sure she knows that Hogwarts isn’t real.  But I have heard her and the C-man discuss this before.  And they have decided that if they do not get Hogwarts letters then Hogwarts doesn’t exist.  I didn’t have the nerve to point out that if they don’t get letters it could just be because they are Muggles.


I watched Twilight on my I-pod at the gym on Friday. It’s a problem I have.


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