The C-man’s last game

I feel like I should show you some photos from his last game on Monday, so here they are:


At the plate!

At the plate!


In the field

In the field

Ready ready Rangers!

Ready ready Rangers!

It was an interesting day. Both the Princess and the C-man had games.  And I spent all day thinking (foolishly) that they were both playing at the local Little League park.  But no!  Tom called about an hour before game time to tell me that the C-man was actually playing at an alternate location.  Crap.  

That meant split squad parenting.  I picked the kids up from camp, brought them home, poured a Lunchable down the Royal throat and Tom took her off to her double header.  Meanwhile, the C-man ate his Lunchable in a slightly more leisurely manner and then he and I went to his game.   

They lost.  That meant they finished seventh in the tournament.  But they were seeded eight so I suppose that is some small improvement.  

Maybe next year.


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