Random baseball musings

I have been thinking about baseball today.  The C-man’s season ended yesterday with their last tournament game.  They lost. But nobody seemed too upset.  It was so hot out; I think the entire team was just exhausted.  Of course the fact that the coaches took the entire team to Dairy Queen helped take the edge off too.  The C-man had a good game.  He had two at bats, and walked both times.  The “don’t-swing-at-anything” strategy was working pretty well for him last night.

His last at bat was in the final inning.  The Rangers were up by one run and there were two outs.  I was holding my breath the entire time he was at the plate.  I was so relieved when he walked.  Is it bad to be happy your child was not the last out?

Tonight, The Princess makes her fast-pitch softball pitching debut.  That is, if they get the game in.  The weather is looking uncooperative.  I do not want any more rainouts.  I just want to get this done now.  Besides, I really want to see her pitch.  She was supposed to take the mound last night, but the game ended before she got her chance.  She is so excited she can hardly stand it.  I, on the other hand, am a nervous wreck.

And finally, 25 years ago today was one of the best ballgames of all time.  The famous Ryne Sandberg game.  He hit two home runs that day, one to tie it up in the ninth, another to tie it up in the 10th.  He also had seven RBI’s.  Seven.  Wow.  This is the game that made Sandberg a big star.  I remember watching it on television.  It was amazing.


2 thoughts on “Random baseball musings

  1. YES! I remember that, the day everyone said “wow this kid is good”. Ryno was the best. I was just memory lane strolling yesterday in honor of Ryno. I’m hoping someday he will be the Cubs big league manager!

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