The Signature Room

All four of us went downtown yesterday.  We have been meaning to take them up the John Hancock building for ages.  But every time we are in the city it is either cloudy with zero visibility, or the queue is tremendous and not worth the wait.

But we had an inspiration, we decided to take the to The Signature Room instead.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chicago the Signature Room is on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Building.  This way we could have lunch and look out the windows at the same time.  And we wouldn’t have to wait in the big line. 

We have been planning to take them to the Signature Room for a while now.  There’s a story behind it.  Back in 1992 when it was still called The 95th (original, isn’t it?) Tom took me to dinner there one night and asked me to marry him.  The kids love that story, so we thought it was time for them to see the place.

They were very surprised.  We refused to tell them where we were going for lunch.  They were guessing all the way into town on the El.  The C-man guessed the Hard Rock.  The Princess did too.  We said, “Wrong!”  They also guessed McDonalds (as if) and it seemed like the more we insisted that was NOT our destination the more convinced they were this was where we were going.  I don’t know why.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but we go to McDonalds more than we probably should, so it’s not someplace we would make a big deal about.

They also guessed Ed Debevic’s.  Wrong again! 

When we got to the building they were very surprised.  It was the one place they hadn’t guessed.  It was a very fancy place.  You can tell it was fancy because they do not give you crayons with your children’s menus.  Speaking of the children’s menu, it had all the usual suspects.  Pizza, chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, and so on.  The children were pleased, but missed the crayons.

After a delicious meal we walked down to the Art Institute to get some culture.  It was our first chance to see the new modern wing.  It’s very nice.  It has open tread stairs.  Those are really not supposed to be allowed.  Tom is going to find out how they managed that one.

Four ice creams and an El ride later we were back at my sisters.


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