The Friendly Confines

Today we are leaving for Sweet Home Chicago.  We have tickets to the Cubs/Indians game on Friday.  My sister got them for us the day tickets went on sale.  I wrote about it at the time.  I am just so fortunate that she uses her powers for good.

I love Wrigley Field.  It is my Happy Place.  I never worry about anything but The Game when I am at Wrigley Field.  It’s perfect.  Yes, it’s a dump, and yes it’s too small, but it’s my too small dump. 

This will be The Children’s first trip to Wrigley Field, and the C-Man’s first Cubs game.  We took the Princess to a Cubs game at Candlestick Park when she was six weeks old, so this is her second Cubs game.  Not that she remembers the first one.  Neither do I for that matter.  I don’t know what we were thinking taking a six-week-old baby to a ballgame.  The potential for disaster was enormous.  Luckily for us and the other good fans in our row she slept through the whole thing.

Actually, I should amend my previous statement slightly.  It will be the first time The Children have been inside Wrigley Field.  We have taken them to see the outside a couple of times.

The first time we visited it we were in Chicago for Thanksgiving and we took them up to Wrigleyville after we had been downtown to see the windows at Fields (I refuse to call it Macy’s).  I was talking it up all the way up there.  Telling them how beautiful it is, and how much they were going to love it.  Then we got up there, and we parked, and walked to the corner of Clark and Addison. In my mind’s eye I could see the light shining down from heaven onto the marquee, and hear a chorus of angels singing. I said, “look guys, there it is.  Isn’t it beautiful?”  And do you know what I got in response?  Crickets.  They were not impressed.  One of them had the nerve to say to me “is that it?”  What!?!  Philistine.  I am not sure that was actually my child speaking.  I hope they will be more impressed with the interior.


Go Cubs.


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