To keep or not to keep – or the joys of cleaning the playroom

The Children and I are cleaning out the basement/playroom.  This is a Herculean undertaking.  We have spent the past nine years that we have lived here purchasing more and more larger and larger Rubbermaid bins, and just chucking all the toys into them.  There has not been much in the way of sorting or purging.  Until now.

We seem to have reached some sort of tipping point, and I’m not sure any more Rubbermaid will fit down there.  So it was time for Action.

It’s taking a long time.  We have been working for an hour a day.  So far we have about half of it done.  Of course now it looks even worse.  Do you want to know why?  It’s easy, because now we have many many piles of stuff.  There are piles of stuff to keep, and piles of stuff to donate to charity.  The biggest pile so far though, is the pile of toys with missing pieces. 

I’m afraid to throw any of those out until we have sorted the whole basement.  I would hate to toss something only to have the missing piece turn up the next day.  So that pile is growing ever larger.  Once we finish everything I will sort through those toys again and decide their ultimate fate.

I should mention here that I am very proud of  The Children.  Honestly I am amazed at how much stuff they have been willing to part with.  I am not sure if they have really outgrown it, or if they are just taking the path of least resistance.  Either way, it’s all going out the door someday soon.  I can’t wait.

Once the basement is done we get to clean the bedrooms.  Aren’t you jealous?


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