Worst mom ever says the Princess

The Princess hates me again.  I had experienced a slight bump in my popularity when I took them to Dairy Queen for lunch after their dentist appointments on Monday (the dentist loooves me) but now my polls are plummeting again.

What happened this time?  I told her we would not be going to the Miley Cyrus concert.  I am evil.

I’m sorry, but the cheapest, crappiest tickets are more than 40 dollars.  The best tickets top out at about 80 bucks, and I probably need three tickets.  That would be one for Her Royal Highness, one for me and one for the C-man.

Now I’m sorry but I am not dropping $120 on a concert only one of us is going to enjoy.  Really that’s like buying one $40 ticket with $80 in tax.

And really when you think about it, the parents should be able to get into these things for free.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  I highly doubt there is a Miley Cyrus fan out there that can drive his or herself to this concert.  That means mom or dad is obligated to attend. If mom or dad don’t want to spend the evening listening to Miley Cyrus then the kid probably isn’t coming either.  So her concert attendance is dependent on a fan-delivery-device aka mom or dad. Don’t you think we should get a break on our tickets since without us driving her fans to the show she would be playing to an empty arena?

Lest you think I am picking on Miley, I feel the same way about the admission prices at children’s museums and other events geared just toward kids.  Without the credit card, drivers license toting adults, you got nothing, so let us in for half-price.

I do truly feel terrible about this.  However, not terrible enough to shell out for these tickets.  It’s ridiculous.

And I have to tell you that the C-man rocks.  He rocks.  When Princess O was moping he came up to me and said I could use his allowance to buy the tickets.  He may be the best brother ever.


One thought on “Worst mom ever says the Princess

  1. LOL – wow, what a terrible mom! heehee! Sounds like something I would do to my princess! It really is ridiculous how expensive tickets for kids events are!

    My daughter is only 2yrs old but I’ve been dying to take her to see Sesame Street or Dora when they come into town but can’t justify the price.

    I live in Chicago so we try to take advantage of all the great museums and attractions the city has to offer but as our family expands I know it’ll get tougher and tougher. It’s such a shame!

    Anyway, I’m new to wordpress and am just stopping by interesting blogs! Thanks for letting me comment to your post…

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