A whole lotta nothing

It has been a lazy weekend.  My parents came to visit, so that was great fun.  We never seem to do anything when my parents are here.  We tend to sit around and read, and play games with the kiddos, and mom and I usually do a little shopping.  It is very relaxing.  And that is just exactly what we did this weekend.  Except Tom and my dad took the kiddos to see Up. They have pronounced it excellent.

They left this morning after the traditional bacon and egg breakfast. Then I cracked the whip and made the children clean their rooms.  This always seems to take much longer than it should.  They should probably have less stuff, but so far I lack the intestinal fortitude to do anything about that. 

Now it is storming.  We had the neighborhood potluck picnic about an hour ago.  We all had just enough time to eat and have a quick conversation before the thunder started rumbling in the distance.  At that point the thunder-phobics were ready to come home so we made our escape, and just in the nick of time.  By the time we got home it was raining in earnest.

Tomorrow I will show you what progress we have made on the garage.  Well, not us personally, but the people we have hired to do our dirty work for us.  I am sure you will find it fascinating.


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