Odds and Ends

You really must watch this video

This is my nephew, and I blatantly stole this video from my sister’s blog.



Lard is apparently not a deadly food anymore. 


yummy yummy lard

yummy yummy lard



Lard has clearly won the health debate. Shortening, the synthetic substitute foisted on this country over the last century, has proven to be a much bigger health hazard because it contains trans fats, the bugaboo du jour.

From Slate

Like the article says, I suppose if you wait long enough everything will become healthy somehow.  Hmmm, I wonder when french fries will become the new miracle health food.  I cannot wait for that day.


The Princess had her nose out of joint after the C-man’s birthday because he got all these cool Lego kits and “nobody ever buys me legos”.  So my mom gave her a small Lego set (in addition to a bunch of other stuff).  When she opened the box she said “are these for C-man?”  Hah!


One thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. I’m laughing at your nephew’s talent there! Looks like there will be no stopping him now! Sarah must be so thrilled lol.

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