Happy Birthday Princess O

Well, today is the day, she is 11 now.  The Princess is officially at tweenager.  Good gravy.

The C-man has a game tonight so we can’t go out to dinner until tomorrow.  But we did go to McDonalds for lunch. And I am making chocolate cupcakes.  I must really like this kid because making cupcakes is a pain in the patootie.

When I asked what she wanted for her birthday this year she said “I don’t know, surprise me”. This was not terribly helpful.  Tom and I got her a digital camera (see random thing #24), but the gift that had the biggest “wow factor” was from my friend A, who gave her a copy of Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer.  That got an “Oh YEAH!” and an “AWESOME”.  Go figure.

In honor of her special day, here are 25 random things about Her Royal Highness:

  1. Her favorite food is bacon
  2. She was born 4 weeks early
  3. She loves horses
  4. She also loves all other animals
  5. Once she broke her arm falling of a horse (how else?)
  6. She has a raging sweet tooth and would ask for dessert after breakfast if she thought she had a chance of getting it.
  7. She plays softball and is learning how to pitch
  8. In the fall she starts Middle School.  Yikes!
  9. She’s a big Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan
  10. She loves to swim
  11. She hates pasta –  says it’s boring. 
  12. Doesn’t really like pizza much either, unless her grandpa or her BFF’s mom kakes it.  Mine?  Not so much
  13. She went to her first major league baseball game when she was 6 weeks old
  14. She has been to Australia and Italy
  15. Her favorite place in Italy was Venice.  She cried all the way to the train station when we left
  16. She has freckles
  17. She has curly hair and she still likes it.  I expect that to change at any minute
  18. Her favorite Formula 1 team is Ferrari
  19. I think the Cubs and the Red Sox are her favorite baseball teams but I’m not sure
  20. She loves to read
  21. Her favorite books right now are the Twilight series and the Warriors series
  22. She likes to draw cats
  23. For her birthday party she asked her friends to bring a donation to the local animal shelter instead of a birthday present.
  24. When she grows up she wants to be a nature photographer
  25. She always cries on the last day of school

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