I think I might be the worst mom ever

Yesterday The Princess came home and announced “I graduated today”


She explained.  Yeah they had an assembly for the fifth-graders and we all got certificates. 

“Was I supposed to know about this?”  I asked with trepidation. 

“I don’t think so”

“Well, were there other parents there?”

She stopped and thought about that one for a moment and then said she didn’t think so.  She is not the most observant child at times.

So I may have missed my oldest child’s elementary school “graduation”.  Or maybe not.  They often have assemblies at school that are just for the students because there isn’t enough room for the parents.  This may have been one of those.  Plus you would think they would have sent a note home inviting the parents if they were welcome to be there.  Princess O is not always very good about emptying her folders, but I am pretty sure she would have mentioned a graduation ceremony.  At least I hope so.


The C-man hands me a certificate from the Continental Mathematics League and says, “I got this today”

“What is it?” 

“All year I have had to go out of the room to take these math tests.  And they were REALLY HARD and today I got this certificate”

Was I supposed to know he was taking these really hard math tests?  Did they send a note home about it at some point?  I have no idea. 

I can’t help thinking that a better mom would be more on top of this kind of thing.


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